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The project is a collaboration between visual artist Anna Fríða 
Jónsdóttir, Abraham Brody musician/multimedia artist and Ásta 
María Kjartansdóttir cellist. Through their expressive audio visual 
work they will interpret the quest for silence which can be found 
in abundance in Iceland where their collaboration commenced. 
The performance plays on this connection between the deep 
silence in nature and our perception of balance and rhythm. The 
key to our serenity lies in our inner silence, without it we have 
only noise.
Silence hits us and our conscious thought and emotions creep 
to the surface. True silence is hard to come by in modern society 
and the performance describes the struggles us humans are faced 
with when trying to claim the silence with in and how external 
silence brings our thoughts and emotions on overdrive. 
The speed of life doesn't really grant humanity the space to find 
purity and silence. When performing music we often rush from 
one note to another, forgetting that the space between the notes 
is as valuable as the ones you play. But it's not only the sound or 
just the silence, it's what is between the production of sound and 
silence that is really important. Music is used in an audio visual 
performance as a metaphor for the struggle of the inner land-
scape finding the balance of the perfect rhythmn of sound and 
silence, action and quiescence. Without silence we have no rhythm.


Exhibited at Happy Lucky No. 1 gallery Brooklyn New York 
November 2017 and at Scandinavia House New York in April 2018


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