Organism, being and god of course


Organism, being and God of course

In an attempt to understand and visualize the world we live in I headed off on a quest for maps and systems to explain it. This video sculpture is my attempt to make a mental map of how I experience the thousands and thousands of systems we function in, weather they are biological, physical, moral, social or conceptual. We function in all those system simultaneously without even recognizing it. To have a map of the “world” as we understand it is a very comforting idea and makes our journey seem far less random. 
The system “me” lives in huge and tiny systems that are on constant movement and are ever changing. The neutron of every single atom dances effortlessly forever around it’s proton like a machine that never stops. In a similar way all the galaxies in the world spin endlessly around a center the brain can poorly comprehend. It is this center I look for. The center of being. I can’t comprehend this essence but I sense it.

Exhibited at Reykjavík Art Museum in 2010