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Anna Fríða Jónsdóttir

Sonata da camera


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Sonata da Camera

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Sonata da Camera is a project I started 6 years ago. The journey

has finally come to a conclusion a few spiritual awakenings

later and many revelations. During the making of it I had

no idea I was engaging in deep shadow work and was

being divinely guided every step of the way to clear

away the core wounds of being a human. The film

is about my spiritual journey in the forest and the

messages I was receiving. It took me six years to

acquire the tools to understand just how profound

this journey had been and to finalize a very faint vision

I had but did not comprehend at all on the mind level.

Going into the forest chasing clues to something far

beyond me. Led by a feeling and a deep knowing the mind

could not fathom. Art made from the depths of the subconscious.

The film comes with a photo book that acts as a roadmap for the film, going into the concepts behind my revelations and a further explanation of the references made in the film. Exploring concepts like the wild woman archetype, shadow work, shamanism and unlocking the power of spirit within the soul to remember who we truly are. A personal account of a path towards enlightenment through the lens of contemporary art. An attempt to compartmentalize the vastness of infinity above and below, dancing in a fractal womb with a camera to capture the blossoming seed of becoming.

You are the aperture through which the universe is observing itself

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